“It is difficult for me to explain the frustration I felt being a smoker. And then I met Ellie at Masteryworks. I had no doubt she would be able to help me quit smoking, but I was unaware of the full results of undergoing her hypnosis and EFT techniques. I am 62 years old and have been smoking most of my life. After my session with Ellie, I am a non-smoker and am confident this is for the rest of my healthy life. The bonus is not experiencing withdrawal from the nicotine. The “freedom” which I experience every day was a surprise, and I am positive now that the smoking was “in control”. As a young girl, smoking was a “right of passage”, accepted everywhere and practiced by most everyone. Ellie was able to release my spirit and the tight grip which smoking had on my mind. I am now not only capable, but “free” to make positive choices regarding my health and happy life.”

Rosemarie C.


I was stuck for nearly a year in grief and pain from the betrayal of
someone very close to me.  I relived the series of events every day
trying to make sense of what had happened.  I forgave and tried hard
to put that event in the category of “Lessons Learned” but each day it
would arise again and my grief and sadness began again.  I sought help
with Ellie McFalls and attended her small class with other with
similar type problems.  through a series of reading, writing and
sharing, I felt an unraveling of the grief begin.  I got a different
perspective and now only think of this as a difficult spot in my life,
 I would recommend this class to anyone who is ready to share (which
was hard for me), forgive and find that God is present in every
problem.  thank you, Ellie.  The work continues and I use what I have
learned each time I begin to feel myself re-thinking things that are
dead and gone.



Ellie has helped me overcome some unresolved issues from my past.  She
is kind, has lots of patience, and understanding.  I would highly
recommend her!

Nancy D


Ellie gave me a safe, comforting environment to venture back in time
to understand how my life today has been directed by times past.
Under hypnosis I was able to visit past experiences that brought fear
to every day.  Since the hypnosis I have been able to face these fears
with courage.  Ellie’s caring expertise was the guide I needed.

Joyce C.


Two months ago, if anyone had tried to convince me that hypnosis
and EFT (emotional freedom technique) really worked, I would have quickly raised a questioning eyebrow.
Today, I can honestly say that it has changed my life.  For more years
than I care to count, I have been plagued with an anxiety that
manifested itself while I was driving on the interstate highway.  I
was unable to drive safely because of my fear of passing trucks/cars
and driving between concrete barriers.  I grew weary of constantly
asking someone else to drive and changing the route to avoid the
congested highways.  After three sessions with Ellie, I can now drive
with absolutely no anxiety.  I can pass trucks/cars and ride beside
barriers.  On vacation when I drove over a five-mile long bridge, I
celebrated!  I am so grateful that I stopped by her booth at the
Greensboro Coliseum during the Natural Triad Health Show to learn
about the benefits of hypnosis and EFT!

Rita S.

Hi Ellie,

Just wanted to tell you I’m on my way to the Raleigh airport to get on a flight to Dallas.  I made this reservation the morning after I saw you last, so Thank You!  You know that I refused to fly so this is BIG!.  I’m plenty nervous but I’m looking forward to shocking my son and his family today.  Thanks again Ellie for your help 🙂

Leslie A.


Ellie is absolutely fabulous.  I went in smoking 2 packs a day, and
left after the first session not even wanting a cigarette.  With such
great success with smoking cessation I decided to do the grief
counseling, I discovered things that truly helped me overcome
obstacles that have plagued me for years!  Ellis is not only
trustworthy, she is friendly, professional, and genuine.  Thanks Ellie
for changing my life!

T. Jones



Highly Recommend A Visit

“My sessions with Ellie were nothing short of life-changing. She is so caring and gentle, and got right to the heart of what I needed to recover. I am forever grateful!”

Anna H



Navigate Life More Masterfully with Ellie McFall’s Support

“I have known Ellie McFalls in a number of capacities. I have taken a number of classes with her from a Grief Recovery Workshop to a course on Tapping. As a teacher/facilitator, she is thorough in her preparation– giving wholeheartedly of herself. She is also a gifted facilitator/coach. It has been my experience that she is able to cut through all the muck and help you quickly gain insights and new skills to navigate life more masterfully.

Charlotte LeHecka, PhD, Director, Institute for Accelerative Learning, Teaching and Research”


Not afraid to love.

“I had a series of significant losses in a rather short period of time. Cancer treatments, the death of a father, niece, nephew and brother, the sell of my home and a divorce. Ellie’s grief work SAVED MY LIFE and she is just fantastic to work with. Incomparable to others. She helped me handle the grief and taught me coping skills to move forward. Today I can cry when I’m sad without fear of going into a tailspin. I have goals for my future and the desire to live a well lived life. And most importantly of all I am not afraid to love.”



Positive Experience.
I participated in The Grief Recovery Outreach Program with Ellie McFalls. I had a variety of losses (not just someone’s death) and, with some trepidation, decided to sign up. It has been a powerful and postive experience. I was holding on to more grief than I realized; the process let me work through those issues. I, literally, feel lighter after this experience. Thank you Ellie!
Cherry Woodburn
Systems Thinker, HCD Process Consultant, Paradigm Shifter

 Feel Lighter and Crave LESS carbs!

“I rarely expose myself to myself, though I know I’m there. The reason I’ve rarely done this is because resurfacing, reexamining “me” can be painful. But within the space of this Grief Recovery Program, the pain doesn’t/didn’t feel so bad because it isn’t/wasn’t wrapped in judgement, exposed on the back of guilt, but instead talked through to completion.
I have felt better a little very day since the start of the program and even better now that I’ve completed it.
High marks for Ellie McFalls and my profound gratitude.”
Thank you.

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