Grief Recovery

Moving Beyond Loss
If you have experienced one or more losses, and you wish to move beyond the pain, this program offers you the probability of a richer and more rewarding life.

The Solution – the Support
Recovery from loss is accomplished by discovering and completing all of the undelivered communications that accrue in relationships. We are all advised to “Let Go,” and “Move On,” after losses of all kinds. Most of us would do that if we knew how.

Completion of pain caused by loss is what allows us to Let Go and Move On. It is almost impossible to Move On without first taking a series of actions that lead to completion.

Before taking the actions to complete, it is important to look at and often dismiss some of the ideas for myths that we have tried to use with loss, but are not working.

“A sense of peace, that which I have never before experienced. I have felt peaceful at times, but this sense of peace carries with it a freedom, a WOW kind of freedom…”

Roe C.

“In my dozen sessions with Ellie McFalls I have steadily gained emotional release from a very deep former emotional blockage of Vietnam war combat PTSD. As much as I will give credit to the VA for attempting to deal with this expanding problem afflicting many participants in all American financial-based “wars” of choice since the era of the 60’s and 70’s, the reality in my case was that I was never able to speak my truth about my experience till I worked with Ellie.
Until you expose and speak your truth, you will remain captive in the lies you adopted, and they will continue to operate your life responses and to drain your vital energies.
At this point in working with Ellie I feel a very new fresh energy continually flowing into my life, as a release from the old psychic cage I had entered decades ago as a result of soul-stealing experiences.
I know very few people in my life with the genuine spiritual care, humor, patience, and professional integrity of Ellie McFalls, and I can never really repay her in full measure.”

Jack S.
Marine Corps/Navy Hospital Corpsman, Vietnam