Hypnosis Is All About Efficiency

EVER TRY TO LOSE WEIGHT? (and were surprised when you lost it and gained it right back?) What happens when your lose your keys? Your immediate response is to find them, right? Not only do you find them but sometimes you make a spare set! The same is true with losing weight, our bodies are programmed to find what we’ve “lost” and sometimes more!

EVER TRY TO STOP SMOKING? Again, we as children were taught not to be a quitter or to ever stop. Remember when you were a child and you wanted to ride a bicycle? (or whatever it was for you.) Your life became all about riding that bicycle, and quitting was not an option. You were fully engaged in BECOMING a bicycle rider. Now, in direct contrast to your “no-quitting” training, you find yourself wanting to QUIT smoking, and thus the struggle begins.

Now, what if you were to BECOME SLIM AND TRIM or BECOME A NON-SMOKER? Now you can achieve this goal with a more familiar vigor. It’s no longer about losing or quitting something, but BECOMING something.

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